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About this piece

Firstly, sorry about my lack of guitar skill in the video above. I don’t practice nearly often enough!

This piece is intended to be like a short musical narrative of a relaxing scene. What I see in my mind’s eye is a peaceful and sunny afternoon beside a lake, where you can leave life’s troubles behind for a little while.

I originally wrote it in 2002 for acoustic guitar, and named it “Dolce Serenade” (“dolce” roughly translates to “sweet”). It’s never been performed or published before though, and I’ve tweaked it a little over the years, including changing the name to be a bit more down-to-earth. I’ve opted for an electric guitar in the video above mainly because I don’t have a decent microphone for recording acoustic! 🙂 Read more Lakeside

Avenging the Homeworld (v1)

This is an original composition by me, and it’s still a work-in-progress!
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About this composition

This is a fairly rough first version of a sci-fi inspired composition. It’s a totally different direction to my usual stuff (sorry if that took you by surprise!). The basic themes I was exploring were loss and isolation, followed by a determination to fight back against a grave injustice. If, like me, you’re a Doctor Who fan, then imagine the Doctor’s feelings about Gallifrey, and that’s kind of the direction I was going.
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