My name is Peter Bloomfield, and by day I’m a Software Engineer. That means I spend most of my time doing technical stuff involving a lot of thought and logic, which is very much my comfort zone. I often have to remind myself that life isn’t just about the logical and rational things though (as important as they are). Sometimes, it’s important to be caught up in the moment, moved by words or music or art, or simply to enjoy the present and have fun. That’s why I created this website.

The name of this site is a reference to a narrative poem called “Lamia”, by John Keats. The line that leapt out at me when I read it was: “a moment’s thought is passion’s passing bell”. It refers (indirectly) to a character called Lycius, and so I’ve coined the term “Lycius moment” to mean that point where something vital is lost by thinking too much.

I know it seems like an odd thing to name this site. Essentially, it’s a reminder not to fall into that trap.

What you’ll find here

Music is one of the things that I enjoy and that moves me the most, so you’ll find a lot of it here. It’s often jazzy or bluesy, sometimes serious, and sometimes full of mischief and shenanigans (just like me!).

I enjoy literature to a certain extent as well. My tastes aren’t always terribly sophisticated, and I’m quite a slow reader, but I’m sure it’ll work its way in here eventually. I also hope to expand into other creatively expressive media as time goes on.

Find me online

Here are some links to Lycius Moment pages/content on other sites:

For the more technically minded, I have a technical blog here too: