Mostly Harmless

Being a sci-fi geek, I absolutely loved this line from the novel “Mostly Harmless” by Kate Russell:

“Do not try to bend the spoon. Instead, use the spoon to stir your tea.”

It’s spoken by a distinctly tea-obsessed virtual security guard (of sorts) to the protagonist, Angel Rose. I wholeheartedly recommend the novel as a witty and action-packed narrative based on the “Elite: Dangerous” video game (knowledge of the game isn’t necessary to appreciate the novel though).

Movie reference

In case you haven’t figured out the reference, it’s a fabulously British twist on a line from the 1999 movie “The Matrix”. The main premise of the movie is that almost the entire human race has been subjugated by intelligent machines, obliviously living out their lives in a virtual simulation while their bodies are used as a power source. Neo, the hero, is learning to manipulate the simulation to fight back against the machines, and is taught an important lesson by a kid who would put Uri Geller to shame.

Here’s the original movie clip:

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